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Printing activity

The ten-year old Komáromi Nyomda és Kiadó Ltd. And its predecessor, the fifty-year old Komárom Megyei Nyomda brings to you the highest available technology in offset printing with their several hundred million investments. We produce brochures, periodicals, catalogues, books, weekly and daily papers according to high standards and at low prices.

Our press studio accepts mateials in PC and Macintosh format, Microsoft, World, Qark Xpress, 3.3 and Photoshop, Post Script, Tiff, JPG. On special request we process other formats as well. We are ready to receive digital data through ADSL and also on CD or disk.

We opened new ways in printing by applying high capacity and high memory Heidelberg Speedmaster five-colour printer (3+2, or 5+0) machines up to formats of 70x100 cm.

We bind with special machines - spiral, glue, periodical making, thread-binding, foil binding.

Our success results from the work of our highly qualified professionals, low prices, reference products and strictly kept deadlines.

Publishing activity

Diaries: P Memory
Komáromi Nyomda és Kiadó Ltd. is the largest press in country producing table-diaries. Their size, shape and outlook can be seen in the Catalogue.

We can also satisfy special requests when producing diaries. We ca personalize all diaries with company logos, address, telephone or anything else. We can add embossments, gold-plating or colour foils to diaries.

Writing-books: Suli
Checked, lined, French checked and plain writing-books are available with covers suiting orders and demands in sizes A5 and A4, or in extra sizes with various spiralsl.

Daily paper publications:
Our press has been publisher of Komárom-Esztergom Megyei Hírlap for seven years, siy times a week, 12,000 pices a day. Distributors in Komárom-Esztergom county are the Hungarian Post Service, Rábahír, alternate distributors, and Lap-Szám Bt. Iskolaszövetkezet in terms of special agreement. E-mail and fax are accessible 24 hours a day. This paper is the proprety of Komáromi Nyomda és Kiadó Ltd. It is politically neutral, international, read across the country, reflecting actual political and economical events in a realistic way, it is popular among our readers. Participants of political and economical life use it willingly

Colour advertising publications

Our colour advertising paper is published bi-weekly in 50,000 impressions, and is free. It is distributed as an attachment to our daily paper and also by Meló-diák Iskolaszövetkezet and Lap-Szám Bt.

Ad prices for our colour advertising paper are included in the attachment. In case of long term cooperation we offer the opportunity to create unique price packages.

We hope you found our press and activity to be of interest.
We trust that our introduction will lead to successful cooperation with mutual advantages.

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