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Our machines:


Pre-press computer place

Pre-press dolev imagesetter


Pre-press plate developer

Pre-press Mac G3 server

Pre-press plate copying

Pre-press Scitex-scanner


Printing machines
size full sheet/hour:

  • 2 RO 62 rotational 4 colour printing offset 42x60 10.000
  • 1 Heidelberg SM-74-4 4 colour sheet offset machine 52x74 15.000
  • 1 Rondoset Petit 13 size 2+1 colour news printing machine 64x120 6.000
  • 1 Polygraph 820 high printer 50x70 2.000
  • 1Heidelberg SM-102-5-P sheet offset machine 70x100 12.000

B/1 sheetoffset machine

B/2 sheetoffset machine


The SM 102-5-P machine has 5 printing heads, and beside printing the 4 colours it is also capable of adding to the fifth head a special, direct colour, metal paint or dispersion paint.
It is a machine with turning-system, which can print 2 colours on the front and two on the back in on work process. The continuous monitoring of print quality is done by a spectrophotometer and so quality checking is done by objective methods with previously set values instead of subjective checking.

Our binding machines:

  • 1 MC-8 16 station A/3 collating machine, front-cutter 16000 coll./8 hours
  • 1 VAC 100 20 station A/3 collating machine, front-cutter 40000 coll./8 hours
  • 1 HOBSON 15 station A/" collecting 12000 coll./8 hours
  • 1 Bielomatik automated perforation, spiral-binding 15000 coll./8 hours
  • 1 Pfaffe perforating 20000 garn./8 hours
  • 1 Polygraph-Brehmer thread binding 24000 binds./8 hours
  • 3 Polygraph stitching machine
  • 1 Multieffekt folding machine 8000 folds/hour
  • 1 Sthal 70x100 folding machine 10000 folds/hour
  • 1 BQ 260 glue. binding 5000 pcs/8 hours
  • 2 Polygraph board-maker 4000 boards/machine/8 hours
  • 1 Müller Martini 6 station coll. saddle stitching, 3-blade cutting machine 6000 pcs/hour
  • 1 Müller Martini 15 station perfect binding machine 3600 books/hour
  • 1 Fomm automated gold-plating machine
  • 1 E 800 LM foil-machine
  • 1 CMC spine-burning machine
  • 4 Perfecta automated line-cutter machine
  • 1 Contagor numbering-, perforating 8000 sheets/hour
  • 3 automata minorfoiling packaging machine
  • 1 MAIL BAG unique packaging machine
  • 1 Wohlenberg 3-blade cutter machine

Saddle stitching

B/1 folding machine



I would like to highlight 3 of our machines that are very rare in Hungary:


  • Müller Martini 6 station saddle stitching machinery, which is capable of producing A/4 96 pages, or A/4 80 pages+cover, or omega clip binding therefore the publication can be placed into a binder immediately.
  • Müller Martini perfect binding machine 15 station, for A/4 240 pages in one process with 3-40 mm spine-width.
  • Our Bielomatik machines do the perforation and spiral-binding of the products in one work-phase with various spiral sizes from 100-400 mm.
  • Our packaging machines are suitable for both solo and collective foiling. Attachment, presentation products, etc.: CDs can be packaged to the basic product.
  • With our plain-foiling machine we can cover envelopes with mat and bright foil.

Perfect binding


Saddle stitching

Packing machine

Cutting machine


Magazin packaging machine



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